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5 Windows

Donnerstag, 28 November 2019 08:58
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Minase’s most original model, 5 Windows, is a designing masterpiece. One of its creator, Hirokuni Yamamoto, said its creation broke down all design concepts he had learnt and practiced during his 30 years of experience.

With its spectacular design, the 5 Windows expresses a sense of harmony. Visible through the 5 sapphire windows, the movement, the three-dimensional dial and the hands seems to be floating through space, bathed in the line coming from its windows. The hands are slightly curved at the tip in order to match the dial’s shape to the perfection. Manufactured in Japan, all “5 Windows” timepieces bear the registered label “HiZ”, a concept inspired by the Japanese words “Hizu” (exceptional) and “Hi Izuru Kuni” (Land of the Rising Sun). The products labelled “HiZ” are unique with innovative features such as the “case in case” structure, the extraordinary “Sallaz” polishing technique and the construction principle called “MORE” (Minase Original Rebuild Equation).

The “case in case” structure does not feature a dial in the typical sense. It consists of several elements made in steel, creating the heart of each watch. The index ring, the dial plate and the case back surround the movement and create a separate entity or form that seems suspended inside the watch itself. A large cut opening reveals the calendar disc.

Minase belongs to the rare watch brands to work with high-end “Sallaz" polishing. This traditional technique requires up to 50 operations and at least 15 hours of remarkable craftsmanship and know-how to complete each watch. The result is remarkable, the mirror polished surfaces perfected, standing in contrast to the satin surfaces.

KT7001/1 (Basis ETA 2824) oder
KT8001 (Basis ETA 2671)

Edelstahl, Rosé- oder Gelbgold oder Palladium 38 x 46,5mm – auch erhältlich in Mid-Size 32 x 40,3mm – Saphirglas beidseitig – wasserdicht bis 5 bar

Stunden, Minuten, Zentralsekunde, Datum

3.490 CHF bis 15.500 CHF

Gelesen 2835 mal

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